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Back 2 Raw

We love our dogs and they love us back. This is why we find it suitable to share a lot of things with our “best friends”. Be it your love, your living space and sometimes even your food. What we fail to notice in all this is that no matter how good it feels to share that slice of pepperoni pizza with him, his body isn’t made to digest all those carbs and processed meat. Your dog, like a wolf, needs protein and good fat for a healthy and hygienic body. Right from the way your dog behaves to kind of coat he has, everything depends on the food he eats and for him, nothing beats the good old raw food diet.

5 Reasons to Feed Raw

1. Higher Energy Level

2. Better Dental Hygiene

3. Better Coat

4. Improved Muscle Strength and Body Composition

5. Aids in Digestion

Back 2 Raw is a family owned company that manufactures it food out of Pefferlaw Ontario. All ingredients and packaging are local and Canadian!

ShamPooch will be carrying a limited stock in store, but will be able to order in your food every week! Please visit the Back 2 Raw website to learn more about this great company and don't hesitate to contact them or myself if you have any questions!