ShamPooch Dog Grooming

COVID - 19 & Grooming Policies and Procedures

We are so pleased that we get to see you and your pooch!

. We ask that you please take the time to read this entire document so we can have the most efficient and safest appointment possible.


If you cannot wear a mask, we can accommodate the check in and out process in a curbside manner. 

1. Appointment times are absolutely critical. Your dogs must be dropped off and picked up promptly. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your appointment. When your dogs groom is almost completed we will call you with a pick up time. Please do not arrive before you are called. We must allow for the time between dogs to be used to clean and sanitize. Dogs that are left 15 minutes or more past their pick time will be charged a sitting fee ($10 for every 15 minutes past pick up time). If you have arrived late for drop off, we may refuse your appointment and/or charge a late fee.

2.. We know that our clients want their dogs groomed as quick as possible, and that they may have called around to other groomers to see if they can get in sooner. If a client has made an appointment with ShamPooch and no shows or fails to cancel with 48 hours notice, that client will not be allowed to return until the “No Show Fee” has been paid in full. We have a very long list of clients waiting to get in. Please give us the courtesy of calling and cancelling your appointment so we can book in someone else and not loose money from our paycheque.

3. Some of our furry friends have gone a long time between grooms. This may mean that their coat has more matting than normal. ShamPooch's policy has always been “Humanity Before Vanity”. We will not be trying to save any coats that are badly matted. It is up to the groomer to determine the condition of the coat and what can be done. Of course the owners opinion will be taken into consideration but ultimately we will do what is best for your dog which may include a “Start Over Shave”. Please remember, its just hair and it will grow back!

4. All dogs must wear a proper fitting collar or harness with a leash. Please NO flexi or retractable leashes! Collars and leashes will be sprayed with a disinfectant after it has been removed from your dog.

5. Please take the time to walk/ potty your dog prior to arriving for their grooming appointment. 

6. All puppy clients must have received all three sets of vaccinations (or Titre Testing). Adult/ Senior dogs must be current on their Rabies Vaccination as per Ontario Law. 

Thank you for taking to time to read and follow all instructions! We look forward to seeing you!


Dianne Wall