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Creating Brighter Days

Who We Are

Creating Brighter Days is dedicated to improving the quality of life of our furry friends by formulating highly-effective nutraceutical products that naturally enhance an animal’s health, vitality, and sense of well being.

We promise to develop and deliver CBD pet products that are safe and effective.

We promise to base all of our CBD pet formulas on scientific research.

We promise to use only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients.

We promise to always stay tuned into the latest developments in herbal health technologies and CBD research for pets.

About Our Products

Creating Brighter Days nutraceutical pet formulas are based on herbal medicines used for thousands of years in the daily maintenance of health and wellness in both humans and animals. Individual CBD products are formulated to relieve various ailments such as anxiety, joint and mobility issues, and inflammation.

We work together with experienced veterinarians whose research is published in medical journals in order to formulate products specifically for dogs, cats, and horses.

Our lines of pet and equine supplements combine the healing benefits of 99.9% pure hemp-derived CBD with the restorative effects of adaptogenic herbal extracts to produce a harmonizing effect within the body and to promote a synergistic balance.

Our CDB Products are:

- Veterinarian approved

- Handcrafted

- Plant-based

- All natural

- Free of preservatives

- Alcohol-free

- THC-free (non-intoxicating)

- Terpene-free

- Quality Assured

What can it help?

- Alleviate joint and mobility pain

- Alleviate arthritic pain

- Reduce inflammation

- Relieve anxiety and nervousness

- Strengthen immunity

- Calm digestive issues

- Ease Epilepsy and seizures

- Improve skin and coat

- Support treatment of cancer

- Improve symptoms of neuropathic pain

- Suppress chronic physical pain

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