ShamPooch Dog Grooming

Legendary Canine

ShamPooch is very excited to now be selling Legendary Canine Products!

Dogs are sensitive animals. People shouldn’t have to worry if products they use on their dog are safe. We believe dog care products like shampoos, sprays and balms should be 100% natural, lick safe and made with human grade ingredients. Our products work on all dogs, but are known to help dogs with itch, sensitive skin and allergy symptoms.

Products We Carry

Fur Freshener

If your dog smells a little funky, Fur Fresh will them smelling great again!

Made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients because your dog deserves the best.

We use essential oils to create a pleasing aroma of fresh lemony notes with floral and woody undertones.

You can also use Fur Fresh if you don’t have time for a bath or to freshen up dog beds!


Fresh Dog Shampoo Bar

100% natural, silk infused bar is suited for dogs with dry skin or allergies, and safe for frequent use.


Healer Dog Shampoo Bar

100% natural, silk infused healing bar reduces itch and hot spots flare ups while promoting hair growth. It’s quick to lather and easy to rinse.